Identifying Liability in a Property Accident

When you enter a particular property and get into an accident, is the property owner immediately liable to remunerate you for your injuries? The answer might not be as straightforward as a simple yes or no. As a matter of fact, depending on the actions that you and the property owner or manager took, the answer can vary significantly. Here are some of the basic rules for liability in premises accidents:

Property Owner’s Responsibility

Basically, the main role of the property owner is to keep his premises safe and secure at all times, especially the areas reserved for public access. Should there be defects (maybe a broken staircase, or a simple freshly-mopped floor for instance) in the property, the owner or manager now has the responsibility of telling everyone who might be in danger of getting into an accident about the problem. Should he fail in one of these aspects, he could be liable for the accident.

Guest’s Responsibility

Of course, the property owner or manager isn’t the only one with a responsibility. You have the primary duty of using the property as it is intended to be used, which is why trespassers rarely get compensated for slip-and-fall accidents. You should also have the clear presence of mind to avoid going into areas with a clear “do not enter” or “slippery floor” sign, which explains the second part of the owner’s responsibility in the first place.


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