Working With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve now hired an attorney to handle your personal injury claim. After reviewing all documents and settling preliminary agreements, it’s time to get down to business. Here are some major considerations that you and your lawyer should work on in order to facilitate a smooth legal process.

First, discuss the case’s ongoing expenses. Along the way, your lawyer might deem it necessary to seek help from other professionals, such as the services of private investigators or doctors. Hiring such people will help strengthen your cause, but will come at a cost. Ask your attorney to agree not to outsource professional assistance unless he adequately explains the need to do so and you give your consent.

Second, you have the right to have both your lawyer and the insurance firm process your claim promptly. In situations like this, keeping delays to a minimum is critical. You can do this by regularly checking on the claim’s progress from your attorney or the insurance firm itself. Remember to be reasonable, though, because you wouldn’t want to ruffle feathers by constantly asking them for progress reports.

Lastly, work with your lawyer on when to settle the case. This involves deciding on whether to accept a settlement offer from the sued party. The decision mainly depends on your own satisfaction, so turn down all offers if you still deem them inadequate or unreasonable. Always remember to consult with your lawyer too if such sum is still raisable to a more desirable amount.


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