Road Safety Tips for Commercial Truck Drivers

As a commercial truck driver, you have one of the more difficult jobs in the country. After all, not everyone can efficiently operate a gargantuan vehicle or drive long distances for 10+ hours straight. However, the duties of your position are not limited to timely deliveries. You are also responsible for the safety of every single vehicle you share the road with, especially since you are easily the largest vehicle out there.

Truck accidents occur much more often than anyone would like; 500,000 accidents every year, to be exact. Avoid being a statistic. Here are a few tips to help you avoid being involved in road accidents:

Power Nap

Sleep deprivation can trigger a reaction in your body that mimics the feeling of being drunk. As such, you can experience loss of focus and slowed reflexes. To avoid this, take a 20-minute power nap every now and then. This short break re-energizes your brain and increases your alertness.

Vehicle Inspection

Thoroughly inspect your vehicle at every stop. In particular, check if your brakes and all your warning lights are all working properly. Never hit the road if you spot any signs of trouble.

At this point, one of the most dangerous mindsets to have as a truck driver is, “That won’t happen to me.” That line of thinking can easily land you in hot water the next time you’re out on the road. Whenever you are out on the road, drive safely at all time.


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