Who May Be Charged of Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death suit can be filed against a person or entity if another person dies due to their fault or negligence. A representative of the surviving family can ask for compensation for the loss of their loved one through a lawsuit, with the help of a wrongful death lawyer.

Persons who are allowed to sue for wrongful death include the immediate family members of the deceased, spouses, financial dependents, and, in some cases, parents of the deceased. Meanwhile, lawsuits for wrongful death can be filed against the driver at fault in a vehicular accident, the designer and/or builder of the building or roadway involved in the accident, the manufacturer and distributor of automobile parts, and so forth, if there is reason to believe they acted without a reasonable amount of care, leading to the death of the victim. Continue reading


Can you handle a personal injury case on your own?

A person is entitled to compensation if he is injured due to another person’s or entity’s negligence. This claim can be obtained by signing a settlement out-of-court or through a lawsuit. While this sounds simple enough, it can often be difficult to decide if you need to hire a lawyer, or work out a settlement yourself.

There may be cases where you may not need a lawyer, especially if you live in a no-fault state, and the insurance company is already giving you the maximum amount for your insurance policy. Other than these, it is highly recommended that you hire a lawyer to ensure that you get your rightful claim. Continue reading

Proving Driver Negligence in Injury Cases

Some people claim that driving is a skill that involves a large amount of responsibility. As many drivers have found out, a momentary lapse of attention can result in injuries and damages not only to themselves but others on the road with them, as well. If you were hit by an allegedly negligent driver, you will need Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to see the case through, as there are some core elements that must buttress your case.

Lack of Caution

A negligent driving case should first prove that the defendant did not exercise situational awareness while on the road before the accident. The awareness includes being on the lookout for pedestrians, stopping when the red light is on at the intersection, and learning to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of him/her in the same lane. Continue reading

Wrongful Death Claims in California

If a person is killed due to some other person’s wrongful conduct, this is called a wrongful death. This is one of the most difficult situation for any family to find themselves in—there’s the emotional trauma and impact of losing someone, and there’s also the loss of income and means for those who depend on the victim, including worries over death-related costs. A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit and is directly brought to court by the survivors of the deceased. If the lawsuit is successful, the court will order the defendant to pay the decedent’s survivors. Continue reading

How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters in a Truck Accident

If you’re a victim in a car truck accident, you can expect an insurance adjuster to be at your doorstep soon. His job is to confirm the validity and value of your claim. Here are reminders to keep in mind when facing an adjuster:

Call a truck accident lawyer.

Don’t give a statement or sign any document without consulting a lawyer first. Any information you give can be used to weaken your claim. Also, a paper presented to you may appear like a verification statement but can actually be a document waiving your right to sue. Continue reading

Tips to Ensure Your Personal Injury Suit Succeeds

A personal injury case needs to be proven in court, and there are various ways you can help your attorney and your case. The first thing you must remember is to keep the lines of communication open. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to see a new doctor or undergo further medical tests—what matters most is that you keep your lawyer up to speed with your actions. For instance: deciding to apply for disability benefits or government assistance may put your lawsuit in jeopardy, and without your attorney to guide you, you’ll be left in the dark. Continue reading

Moving Forward from a Construction Accident

Labor laws require construction companies to implement the necessary safety measures on the job site, as well as regularly having their site inspected by safety engineers. However, construction workers are always at greater risk than other employees to get injured in the workplace.

There are many types of accidents that can occur in a construction site, falls being the most frequent. Most of these accidents can be avoided by following the safety requirements as outlined by the law. A construction company that doesn’t follow these measures will be held accountable, whether or not an accident occurs in the workplace. Continue reading