Employee Rights Need to Be Defended

As an employee, you have several rights that need to be defended. The rights of your employer are also protected by employment law, which you need to prove have violated yours before you bring a claim. An attorney in Los Angeles, CA would be able to help you understand frequently misinterpreted terms in the law in order for you to properly take legal action against the company.

Fired for Being Colored

Work discrimination still exists in some companies or businesses nowadays but getting fired for this reason is already considered illegal, during which you may sue the company. You cannot, however, immediately assume that you were fired because of discrimination only because you happen to belong that particular class. Lawyers will gather all necessary evidence that led to your termination if you are indeed illegally out of work due to your skin, age, or sexuality.

Harassed at Work

Harassment and hostility are defined quite differently from a lawyer’s perspective than how you comprehend them in a regular dictionary. A colleague’s repeated catcalls and constant disturbances don’t necessarily entail seeking legal advice from civil lawyers because these are only considered misdemeanors. An experienced Los Angeles attorney will be able to give you legal advice on how to proceed with proved harassment claims against your colleague or the company.


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