How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters in a Truck Accident

If you’re a victim in a car truck accident, you can expect an insurance adjuster to be at your doorstep soon. His job is to confirm the validity and value of your claim. Here are reminders to keep in mind when facing an adjuster:

Call a truck accident lawyer.

Don’t give a statement or sign any document without consulting a lawyer first. Any information you give can be used to weaken your claim. Also, a paper presented to you may appear like a verification statement but can actually be a document waiving your right to sue.

Record details of every conversation.

To protect yourself, take detailed notes of every conversation you have with the adjuster. If you can’t, have a family member or a friend do it for you. The more witness you have, the better. These information will also let your lawyer know how far you’ve gone in the claims process and whether the adjuster is using unjust tactics or manipulating you.

Do not accept the initial offer.

Don’t be mesmerized by the huge initial offer the adjuster presents to you. The proper evaluation of your losses isn’t determined by simple calculation. You have to consider the effect of your injury in the long run, else you may face the risk of running out of resources even before you fully recover. The adjuster works for the insurance company, so expect him to try and get the lowest possible settlement for his company.


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