Proving Driver Negligence in Injury Cases

Some people claim that driving is a skill that involves a large amount of responsibility. As many drivers have found out, a momentary lapse of attention can result in injuries and damages not only to themselves but others on the road with them, as well. If you were hit by an allegedly negligent driver, you will need Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to see the case through, as there are some core elements that must buttress your case.

Lack of Caution

A negligent driving case should first prove that the defendant did not exercise situational awareness while on the road before the accident. The awareness includes being on the lookout for pedestrians, stopping when the red light is on at the intersection, and learning to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of him/her in the same lane.

Injury Trigger

Any injuries you suffer must be proven to have been caused by the accident. One example may be head injuries from impact with the steering wheel, or a whiplash.

Vehicle Damage/Loss of Income

One of the most evident after-effects of a crash on the victim is the loss of ability to work due to injuries, and with it, the loss of income. Property damage would also be immediately evident. The verifiable presence of injuries is critical, especially if it resulted in loss of income, and/or medical expenses.


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