Who Can Be Held Liable for a Construction Accident?

Construction work is inherently dangerous regardless of the scale. Despite regulations, inspection requirements, specifications, job safety programs, and all other measures used to ensure safety, injurious and life-threatening accidents at construction sites still do occur.

Unlike typical workplace injuries, a construction accident case can be quite complex. The blame is not directed to one person only. Here are some ways the people liable are determined: Continue reading


Increased TBI Awareness Can Help People

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) need to be treated properly. Thankfully, more people are aware of its effects.

In a 2014 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, more people are becoming increasingly aware of the life-shattering effects of TBIs, with the total number of emergency department visits rising by as much as 3.6 percent between 2006 and 2010. Moreover, there had been a 29.1 percent increase on the number of patients seeking treatment for brain injuries, which the researchers traced to two reasons: either there had been an actual increase of head injuries among patients or Americans are beginning to take these types of injuries more seriously and are more eager to receive treatment. Continue reading

Keeping Things “in the Family”

In the 2001 suspense thriller Spy Game, a retiring CIA officer played by Robert Redford is asked why he did not read a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) he just signed. He would quip that he read it a thousand times. In a way, that importance on security underlines why a company’s employees are obligated to sign NDAs as part of being in the organization. If you are now concerned for protecting vital trade secrets in your business, an employment lawyer has the skills to help you craft an ironclad NDA. Continue reading

Attorneys Can Help with Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Most of the time, business owners think lawsuits only come from outraged customers. Lawsuits don’t just come from outside a company but can also be brought up from the inside, such as when an employee files for sexual harassment against another employee.

The official description of sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexual behavior or conduct that makes the workplace more uncomfortable, offensive, or hostile to the worker. This rather broad description can cover a lot of situations, from a group of workers habitually telling dirty jokes around the cooler to a superior making unwanted advances on his or her subordinate. Continue reading

Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Am I Allowed to File?

When something goes wrong and an accident results in fatalities, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed against the ones allegedly responsible. This can range from an organization to a person. Wrongful death lawsuits can follow criminal trials like what happened with O.J. Simpson. He may not have been found guilty by the court, but the lowered standards of a wrongful death lawsuit made him liable for the deaths of two people. Continue reading

Truck Accidents: What to Do When It Happens to You

A truck accident does a lot more damage than a car accident. A truck can carry over 25 times what a car can, and all that weight can be devastating. This means that most truck accidents results in severe injuries and even fatalities. When you or a loved one gets involved in a truck accident, you should be ready to file a personal injury case against the ones responsible. Continue reading

Personal Injury Torts

Personal injury law has a broad coverage of different case types, including civil cases when wrongful actions or torts are committed against another. To win a claim, the victim or the lawyer has to prove of the wrongdoer’s liability first which led to the damages or injuries inflicted.

Personal injuries are among the most common civil lawsuits in the U.S., with most tort accidents caused by negligent behavior. Given that every individual has the duty to act responsibly, negligent torts happen when that person fails to perform those actions, which often cause injuries. Well-known accidents from negligence are driving under the influence (DUI) and medical malpractice. Continue reading