Personal Injury Torts

Personal injury law has a broad coverage of different case types, including civil cases when wrongful actions or torts are committed against another. To win a claim, the victim or the lawyer has to prove of the wrongdoer’s liability first which led to the damages or injuries inflicted.

Personal injuries are among the most common civil lawsuits in the U.S., with most tort accidents caused by negligent behavior. Given that every individual has the duty to act responsibly, negligent torts happen when that person fails to perform those actions, which often cause injuries. Well-known accidents from negligence are driving under the influence (DUI) and medical malpractice.

When an individual intentionally harms another, the offender is often charged with criminal liability instead of a simple personal injury claim, particularly for severe injuries like physical assault and domestic violence.

Meanwhile, a lesser known type of accident occurs against companies that deviate from their responsibility, called the strict liability torts, which brings impairment against private individuals. These accidents often transpire with heavy-duty industrial equipment like trucks being used beyond their proper functions or capabilities.

Eventually, most personal injury claims are resolved with appropriate compensation to the aggrieved or also known as out-of-court settlement. Even young children and students may also be implicated with personal injuries inside day care centers and school accidents. However, personal injuries from criminal behavior are to be tried in local state and county courts to convict the liable party.


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