Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Am I Allowed to File?

When something goes wrong and an accident results in fatalities, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed against the ones allegedly responsible. This can range from an organization to a person. Wrongful death lawsuits can follow criminal trials like what happened with O.J. Simpson. He may not have been found guilty by the court, but the lowered standards of a wrongful death lawsuit made him liable for the deaths of two people.

Wrongful death lawsuits can involve everything from car accidents to medical malpractice; however, not just anyone can file one. To be able to file, the person must represent the survivors of the deceased who suffered long-term trauma. Here are a few examples.

  • Immediate Family Members. As a spouse or parent, you can rightfully file a wrongful death claim because of your close connection to the deceased.
  • Life Partners. Life partners are different from spouses; they don’t have a legal connection to the deceased.
  • Financial Dependents. Some states like California often allow those who are financially dependent on a person to claim damages.
  • Distant Family Members. More distant family members like brothers, sisters, and grandparents are also allowed to file a case in some states.

If you are one of these people and feel that your loved one would have survived, contact a lawyer to file a wrongful death suit.


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