Who Can Be Held Liable for a Construction Accident?

Construction work is inherently dangerous regardless of the scale. Despite regulations, inspection requirements, specifications, job safety programs, and all other measures used to ensure safety, injurious and life-threatening accidents at construction sites still do occur.

Unlike typical workplace injuries, a construction accident case can be quite complex. The blame is not directed to one person only. Here are some ways the people liable are determined:


In most cases, the person or company the victim works for is the one ultimately responsible for injuries sustained. So construction workers are reminded to always identify their employer and who the employer works for if he’s an independent contractor.

Accident site conditions

If the condition of the site where the accident occurred did not meet the legal standards for safety, those who are tasked to maintain the area can be held liable for the injuries sustained.

Equipment failure/misuse

Those who built, supplied, or maintained the machineries, devices, or tools used can be held at fault should the failure of such items contribute to the injuries. Same goes for the party who used them incorrectly or those who encouraged or permitted incorrect usage.

Construction design

The main duties of design professionals, such as architects and engineers, are to make sure the structure meets the standards set in the contract, as well as local building codes. They’ll share part of the blame for injuries should they fail to perform up to such standards.


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