Fight Sexual Discrimination with Your Lawyer

Women often have it hard when it comes to workplace discrimination. Then again, the issue of gender bias and discrimination is not confined to any place, industry, or business, and is in fact, covered by federal laws, supported by individual state laws; however, the court is obliged to hear both sides and to ensure that justice is carried out under the guidelines set by the law. This means that both employer and employee in the city of Los Angeles have the right to present their respective cases for the court’s consideration.


To prove sexual discrimination, an employee must present enough circumstantial evidence that would show the employer or manager acted based on discrimination. Typically, discrimination is manifested by a history of bypassing a certain class or gender (often female) in promotions and other opportunities despite equal skills and qualifications among candidates. Conversely, the employer or manager can disprove allegations of discrimination by showing proof of an accusing employee’s lack of competence or qualification for a job or job opportunities.


Proving sexual discrimination is never easy. On the other hand, California laws require less burden of proof on the part of the accuser compared to what federal laws call for, making it difficult for an employer or manager to disprove sexual discrimination charges, as well. Whether one is a plaintiff or a defendant, he or she will need the services of a competent Los Angeles attorney experienced in employment laws to present and fight for his or her case in court.



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