Get Brain Injury Compensation with Attorneys’ Help

Brain injuries can cause victims a lot of problems in the long term. These could require expensive treatments that can a last a long time. The following are common causes of brain injury in a construction site that should prompt you to consult a dependable Los Angeles brain injury attorney.


Looking at construction sites, one is bound to see at least a couple of workers dangling or working at vertigo-inducing heights. Slippery surfaces, poor footing, defective ladders, and incomplete safety gear are just some of the factors that can result in traumatic falls.

 Falling Objects

Hardhats can only do so much. Given the right set of circumstances, harmless-looking cables, poles, or steel bars can become deadly. Unsecured building materials and tools that could get blown or dropped from areas where overhead work is being carried out pose a threat to the safety of workers. If you find yourself dealing with the consequences of a serious head injury after being struck on the head by a falling object, you’ll need ample legal assistance.

 Construction Equipment

Take note that worksite owners, contractors, and even equipment manufacturers can be held liable for injuries suffered by construction workers. For instance, when a supervisor neglects to have an equipment properly inspected and serviced, and such negligence lead to a tragic accident, the supervisor can be held responsible. Fortunately, proving the liability of site owners or contractors can be less challenging with the guidance of an experienced brain injury attorney in Los Angeles.


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