Tips for Filing Construction Accident Claims

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous working environments in the United States. This is why organizations like OSHA are stringent when it comes to their safety and security measures and guidelines. Unfortunately, even the strictest measures cannot guarantee that an accident won’t happen.


In the event you find yourself involved in a construction accident, know that your medical expenses should be covered by worker’s compensation. To ensure you receive what you rightfully deserve, be sure to follow these tips for filing a claim:

Report the Accident in Writing

It doesn’t matter what time the accident occurs, always tell your supervisor ASAP. If possible inform your supervisor in writing. One of the most important factors for determining the success of a claim is the time that passed between the accident and the time you tell your supervisor about the accident. By doing so in writing, you have undeniable evidence if your case should need to go to court.

See a Construction Accident Attorney

Consult a construction accident attorney when drafting your worker’s compensation claim. Your attorney can give you an idea of what details you should include in your claim, as well as help you prepare for any questions the insurance company may ask. At the same time, consulting an attorney early will be a blessing if your claim is denied.


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