Measuring Property Damage

Personal injury cases are every bit as challenging for the plaintiff seeking accountability for their woes. In many instances, property damages are sought as compensation. Some types of damages are more clear-cut, with dollar amounts easily calculated for medical bills and damage costs to property. Some costs, however, are more difficult to put a dollar amount on. Your personal injury attorney in Los Angeles should be able to put a value to your loss—physical and emotional—as a result of your injuries.

The cost of damage to property is determined based on three categories: repairable property, destroyed property and non-repairable property. With non-repairable property where the cost of repair turns out higher than the value of the property itself, you can expect compensation in the amount that is the difference between the fair market value of the property before the damage and after the repairs.

Some cases aren’t so straightforward, such as when defendants assert that the plaintiff’s own lack of vigilance should make him or her partially to blame, or when the plaintiff has voluntarily assumed the risk, such as in sports injury cases, and thus makes the plaintiff equally responsible. To navigate this kind of legal terrain, or to defend yourself against personal injury liability, make an appointment right away for a no-cost consultation with trustworthy attorneys. Good attorneys will advise you first to seek medical treatment and get better while they also help you navigate the insurance claims process.


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