Determining Drivers’ Liability in Truck Accidents

Truck-related cases can be difficult to litigate, and because truck accidents can cause bigger damage and can endanger more people, trucking companies put up a fight when there’s a lawsuit involved. Many truck accidents, however, could’ve been avoided if some of these drivers were mindful of the law and the safety of other motorists. It’s the responsibility of the victim’s attorney to prove it is driver error that caused the accident. Liability on the driver’s part include:

Speeding – Heavy and fast trucks are very dangerous on roads. The faster or heavier a truck is, the more damage they can cause due to force of impact.

Reckless Driving – Not following road signs and overtaking smaller vehicles can easily cause a collision, with most of the injury on the smaller vehicles.

Cargo Overload – Trucks with cargo loads that exceed the allowable weight make both the cargo load and the truck unstable.

Engine Malfunction – Driving a truck when it’s not in the best condition puts both the driver and other motorists in danger.

Driving Under the Influence – Imagine an unstable and unpredictable driver, driving around with 10,000 to 85,000 pounds of cargo.

For victims or families of victims to be compensated fairly after figuring in truck accidents, it’s advisable to hire a capable truck accident attorney to help them in proving the driver’s or the trucking company’s liability.


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