Common Causes of Wrongful Death

FACT: An estimated number of 140,000 people are injured in truck accidents each year in the U.S.—that’s about one person injured or killed EVERY 16 MINUTES by trucks alone, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Automobile accidents are among the most common causes of wrongful death. Wrongful death, in simple terms, is defined as the death of a human being as a result of a wrongful act or negligence of another. The victim’s family or representative can file charges against all parties responsible for the victim’s death, even if their involvement is indirect. When it comes to truck accidents, the driver as well as the trucking company can both be held liable if it is proven that the truck is in bad condition or the driver was driving under the influence.

Other Causes of Wrongful Death

Automobile accidents are just one of the causes of wrongful death. In other wrongful death cases, contractors, designers and engineers can also be held liable for fatal accidents involving structures they built; manufacturers can also be held responsible for the death of a patient caused by their products. It also applies to medical practitioners whose decisions or diagnoses resulted in the death of a patient.

Families of victims that file wrongful death claims can receive compensation from the parties liable as long as it can be proven that they suffered damage – whether emotional or financial – from the victim’s death.


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