Cases that Need the Help of a Los Angeles Construction Accident Lawyer

“Construction accident injuries are even higher. Based on OSHA figures, there were 197,800 nonfatal occupational injury incidences recorded in construction in 2013. These include injuries in building construction, heavy and civil engineering construction, and specialty trade contractors.

While construction accidents are quite common, and workers compensation benefits are mandated in all states, this is not to say that claiming for your just benefit would be easy. Construction company owners are always quick to deny liability in such accidents, so if you were injured while carrying on your duties, you need to have a Los Angeles construction accident attorney look into the matter. Here are the top causes of construction accidents.”


Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyer: Determining Truck Brake Failure

“In an air-brake system, the process is reversed. A truck’s brake is always engaged. At this position, the tanks that hold compressed air have no vacuum, keeping the air pressure tight and the brake in place. When you push the pedal, air is released from the tanks, decreasing pressure and creating a vacuum, thus releasing the brake and allowing the truck to move.3

Therefore, a driver with no prior experience driving trucks could get easily confused. If you’ve been in a collision with a truck and sustained injuries from it, a truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you look into this possibility and file the necessary charges or claims.”

Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Los Angeles

When a person has lost his life or whose injury has taken a turn for the worst due to the actions of another, his or her family is left struggling with grief, and not least, the sudden and overwhelming expenses or financial losses that compound the anguish. California law allows the families of accident victims to file civil lawsuits against the responsible person. Such lawsuits must be filed within the state’s statute of limitations. The family of the victim may consult a wrongful death lawyer in Los Angeles who can review the facts and determine the legal grounds for filing a lawsuit.

Who May Sue

According to the California civil code section 377.60-377.62, the person’s spouse, children, domestic partner or the grandchildren of the victim may file a wrongful death lawsuit. If none of these people exist, the persons who would be entitled to receive the victim’s estate through intestate succession may file.

What Must be Proven

The plaintiff or plaintiffs must prove by a preponderance of the evidence several things. First, they must show that death has occurred. Second, they must demonstrate that the demise was caused by the negligence or intentional action of another. Third, they must show that the surviving family members have suffered gravely as a result. Finally, they must demonstrate that a personal representative has been appointed for their loved one’s estate.


Damages may be distributed for both economic, as well as noneconomic losses. In egregious cases, people may also be able to recover punitive damages.

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer: Police Contact and the Mentally-Ill

All too often the behavior of the mentally-ill is construed as threatening, regardless of whether or not they actually mean anyone harm. While officers are allowed to use lethal force to stop truly dangerous suspects, a failure to understand and effectively deal with the mentally-ill can lead to more incidents like Ford’s. If such a thing has happened to a friend or loved one of yours, then you will need the help of a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney to claim your due.

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney Discusses Proper Police Response

The de la Trinidad case is hardly Los Angeles County’s first. Between 2007 to 2014, about 315 people were reported to have perished in police-related shootings. Of this number, almost 20 of them had been shot due to merely “reaching for their waistbands” as de la Trinidad had. The friends and families of those who’ve paid for an error in LEO (law enforcement officer) judgment have every reason to hire a skilled Los Angeles wrongful death attorney to help them seek justice.

Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer: 4 Categories of Struck-By Hazards

“The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified four safety hazards—commonly referred to as the “Fatal Four”—at construction sites, namely falls, electrocutions, getting struck by objects, and caught-in or -between hazards. Of the four, struck-by injuries are ranked second among the top causes of construction worker fatalities as they could also result in serious brain damage.
An experienced Los Angeles brain injury lawyer from a firm like D & Z Law Group typically handle claims of workers who have been injured and suffered a great deal of loss (financially, physically, or emotionally) due to struck-by injuries that fall under the following categories.”

Seeking Compensation after a Truck Accident

Accidents can happen to even the most attentive and careful of drivers. Take your eyes off the road for one second to change the radio, check your phone, or look at your kids in the backseat, and you might find yourself responsible for a major accident. If you were the victim of a negligent truck driver and live in Los Angeles, you can seek compensation.

What is Compensation?

The legal system in America refers to compensation as any money awarded to a victim following an accident or injury. Compensation often covers the cost of any medical bills and damage to your vehicle, but it may also include punitive damages, which refer to damages that may not be tangible and material, but are real, nonetheless. This may include emotional pain and suffering that you experienced as the result of that accident, or emotional pain caused by the loss of a loved one who died in the accident.

Going to Court vs. Settling
You have two options when it comes to seeking compensation. You can either file a lawsuit with the help of a Los Angeles lawyer, or you can settle the case out of court. When you settle, your lawyer will work out an agreement with the lawyer of the other driver who caused the accident. Los Angeles highways suffer clogs and congestion that lead to accidents every day. If you find yourself a victim of a truck accident, call a local lawyer for assistance.