Seeking Compensation after a Truck Accident

Accidents can happen to even the most attentive and careful of drivers. Take your eyes off the road for one second to change the radio, check your phone, or look at your kids in the backseat, and you might find yourself responsible for a major accident. If you were the victim of a negligent truck driver and live in Los Angeles, you can seek compensation.

What is Compensation?

The legal system in America refers to compensation as any money awarded to a victim following an accident or injury. Compensation often covers the cost of any medical bills and damage to your vehicle, but it may also include punitive damages, which refer to damages that may not be tangible and material, but are real, nonetheless. This may include emotional pain and suffering that you experienced as the result of that accident, or emotional pain caused by the loss of a loved one who died in the accident.

Going to Court vs. Settling
You have two options when it comes to seeking compensation. You can either file a lawsuit with the help of a Los Angeles lawyer, or you can settle the case out of court. When you settle, your lawyer will work out an agreement with the lawyer of the other driver who caused the accident. Los Angeles highways suffer clogs and congestion that lead to accidents every day. If you find yourself a victim of a truck accident, call a local lawyer for assistance.


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