Filing Wrongful Death Cases in Los Angeles

Losing a loved one is something that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. Though you attempt to move on, you may find something holding you back. At times, that “something” might be the fact that another individual caused the death of your loved one. Attorneys working in Los Angeles can file wrongful death cases against those responsible for the death, but you need to understand how this process works and what you can expect.

Assigning Blame

Though some people assume that most wrongful death cases are cases filed against individuals, you can also file against a business or corporation. For example, you might lose a spouse in a car accident that experts later deem occurred because of malfunctioning brakes that the manufacturer knowingly placed on vehicles. Your lawyer must present evidence in court that shows an individual, group of people, or company was at fault for the person’s death. Many turn to lawyers for help because they cannot gather evidence on their own.

Types of Compensation

The most common form of compensation is loss of income or loss of wages. This refers to the amount of income the individual would make over the course of his or her career if not for the incident. You may also seek compensation for the emotional pain and suffering that you experience as the result of losing someone you love. Your attorney can walk you through what to expect during a trial and what type of compensation you may receive.


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