Head Injuries, Brain Trauma, and the Law

Accidents that involve serious blows, jolts, or other trauma to the head can result in permanent brain damage that may have a lasting impact on a person’s quality of life. This is why personal injury claims or cases that involve brain injury should be entrusted to an experienced lawyer. In line with this, personal injury lawyers usually assist clients who suffer the two most common head injuries: closed and open.

An injury to the brain that does not penetrate the skull is generally considered a closed head injury. This type of injury can occur if a person’s head strikes a windshield or dashboard in a motor vehicle accident or after falling down a flight of stairs. Though the skull is generally intact, the brain tissue, after receiving a direct blow, may swell or bleed internally.

Trauma to the brain from an open head injury, on the other hand, can range in symptoms and types of damage depending on the nature of the accident and other factors. In general, however, this type of injury involves the penetration of the skull or brain tissue by a foreign object. The type of symptoms that a person may experience following a traumatic brain injury really depends on what area of the brain was affected.

Regardless of what type of head injury you suffered, you deserve proper compensation for your losses. Let an experienced lawyer handle your case and relieve yourself of the stresses and complications of litigation. You have endured enough.



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