What to Do Following a Truck Accident

Los Angeles truck drivers who have been in an accident deserve fair treatment and compensation for the injuries they sustain while on the job. The following hints can help you secure both:

Keep a Detailed Log Book

Your records will go a long way to proving that you were not at fault while behind the wheel, and they are a great source while in the courtroom. Logs can prove that you were rested, alert and aware at the time of an accident.

Let Your GPS Black Box Help You Win a Case

These tracking devices can help prove that you were in the place you claim you were at the time of the accident. They also contain speed data as well to confirm your story.

Don’t Ignore Your Pre-Trip Inspection

Documenting the condition of your truck at the beginning of a trip is key to proving that you are not at fault for accidents that occur while behind the wheel. Failure to perform a pre-trip inspection may undermine any claim that you make while on the witness stand.

Reach Out to a Lawyer Who is Familiar with this Area of the Law

There are some complexities involved with commercial trucking, and drivers should reach out to a qualified lawyer for legal representation. Since company interests may not align with those of the trucker, it is always recommended that truck drivers find an independent party to represent them throughout legal proceedings.


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