What to Do When You Have an Accident with a Truck

A commercial truck is often owned by a company, so if you get involved in an accident with one, you can hold the trucking company, as well as the driver, liable. The company is required by law to maintain liability insurance on the truck. Compensation may be available through this insurance to help you pay medical bills as well as repair your vehicle.

After the Accident

After an accident with a truck, if you are able to move safely, call emergency responders right away. Ensure your passengers are okay as well as the driver of the truck. Exchange insurance information and vehicle tag numbers with the truck driver.

Make Sure You Document the Accident

Use your cell phone or camera to record pictures of both vehicles. If witnesses are present, ask them what they saw and write it down. When possible, write down what you and any passengers remember about the accident. If you have to have medical treatment, take pictures of any injuries you may have received.

Contact an Experienced Legal Representative

Even if the driver of the truck admits to being at fault, you should contact an attorney experienced in truck accidents. They will review the information you have collected at the accident scene. They will also review any information pertaining to the driver of the truck, such as driver logs, cell phone records, and vehicle information. They will use any information acquired to build a case in your favor, and help you fight to get the compensation you deserve.


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