Why Consulting a Brain Injury Attorney is Vital to Injury Victims

A traumatic brain injury case is one that is filed when a person suffers from an accident or fall that results in damage to his/her brain and neck—two areas that are susceptible to potentially life-threatening injuries. A brain injury doesn’t always result from a big accident; sometimes, falling the wrong or hard way can cause a severe injury.

Take, for example, the story of Taylor Hale, a 17-year-old girl from Iowa who sustained a serious brain injury in 2011 when she banged her head against the pavement after falling from the hood of a car. She became unconscious and was put on medically induced coma to help her brain heal, but seven days later, she had a brain hemorrhage that was considered by doctors as a “medical point of no return.” She eventually recovered and fought her way back to normalcy—but that’s an entirely different story.


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