Filing for Workers’ Compensation: Some Considerations for Employees

Do you need to file for Workers’ Compensation after a workplace injury? Think of the following items when preparing to file a claim:

Know the law

California has a Department of Workers’ Compensation website which should be visited or contacted for the necessary information to file a claim with an employer or, on behalf of yourself as a self-employer.

File as soon as possible

Don’t wait to file a compensation claim long after the event took place and the healing is complete. This needs to be done at the time diagnosis and treatment are given by a medical professional and a period of time is determined when you may be off work. Have someone file the claim on your behalf if you’re too injured to do so.

Follow up

Filing online or through the DWC office is not the end of process. Make sure to follow up if a response isn’t received in a reasonable amount of time. If you don’t, you may not know if there was an issue with the data in the form or if it got lost.

Seek legal advice
You may wish to consult a legal firm that deals with compensation issues if the employer is unwilling to pay or an issue comes up at the DWC. Los Angeles has a number of firms which deal in this type of law.


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