Wrongful Death Lawyers Could Help You Avoid Complications

When a loved one dies, not only do you have to go through mourning and emotional stress, but you also are hit with financial stress from his or her lost income and medical expenses. There are also plenty of other complications that can arise, and having the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer could help you avoid them.

Statute of Limitations

There is a statute of limitations governing wrongful death lawsuits, which basically means that there is a maximum amount of time after a person’s death that someone can file a wrongful death claim. This window of time, however, is often complicated and blurred because each state has its own rules about when the window begins. An experienced wrongful death lawyer will know whether or not you are still within the allowed statute of limitations to file or not.

Proving Carelessness

A wrongful death case is generally made by proving that the defendant was careless in some manner and that as a result of that carelessness, your loved one died. A wrongful death lawyer can examine the circumstances surrounding your case to help you determine whether or not you have sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant had a duty to the victim and was careless.

Eligibility to File

Other considerations that must be taken into account include whether or not you qualify to file. Some states limit only spouses or children from filing for wrongful death compensation, whereas others extend the chance to grandparents and other relatives.


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