Going for a Settlement?

Trucking accidents are scary situations that can leave you unnerved. The experience could lead you to settle as quickly as possible with the trucking company without consulting a lawyer. While this is perfectly legal, the presence of a seasoned truck accident attorney will help you avoid these common mistakes in coming to a settlement.

Settling Too Early

The other party might be in a hurry to settle the whole matter especially if they are involved with a large company that wants to avoid a negative public backlash. The biggest mistake you can make here is agreeing to settle right away without lawyering up yourself and gathering all the information you can. Gather all evidence first to help you support your claim.

Insurance Negotiations

Contrary to what they may say, insurance companies work to give you as little money as possible as compensation for your injuries. They act fast and will contact you right after your accident to get a statement from you. Talking to an insurance claim adjuster without a lawyer present can get you in more trouble even if you are not at fault.

Unrealistic Demands

If you go on the course of demanding too little or too much money, you might get in trouble. In many states, there are regulations and rules in determining the appropriate amount you can receive for compensation based on the evidence. Demand too much and the authorities will question your knowledge about the laws. Demand too little and you will not get the justice you deserve.


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