Seeking Justice for Someone’s Negligence

Negligence may be generally defined as a failure to render adequate service or care as needed. Negligence cases in California may be settled with financial compensation. Once you decide to sue for negligence, there are several concerns that need to be addressed so your case can progress.


Amass your evidence, including videos, photos, statements from witnesses, and other documents that may further your case, such as contracts or independent professional evaluations. It’s a good idea to consult personal injury lawyers as early as possible, so perhaps you can talk to one while you’re gathering evidence.

Filing the Case

Next, visit your local court and obtain the necessary forms for a negligence lawsuit. You will receive two types of forms: a complaint form and a summons form. You will need to fill out both. Also, ask for a Civil Case Cover Sheet and any other necessary forms to be filed and served on the other side. Once you’ve completed the forms, make at least two copies of each, and then file them in court.

You’ve Been Served!

After your lawsuit is filed, you will have to serve the defendant a copy of the papers to let them know you are suing. You cannot serve the forms to the defendant yourself; you will need to make arrangements with the local sheriff’s office or hire a process service company to have the forms delivered.


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