Pinning Causes of Trucking Accidents

Los Angeles is one of the more prominent truck traffic centers on the West Coast, and some of its freeways are known hotspots for truck crashes. The potential for crashes multiplies at certain times of the day, and when one happens, the victim will often need the guidance of a a truck accident attorney in seeking due compensation.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

A study by the South California Association of Governments (SCAG) says that the foremost cause of truck accidents in Los Angeles is human or driver error. In addition to driver error, trucking accidents may also be caused by defective equipment, involving either the entire vehicle or certain parts. Improper maintenance is often the cause of equipment malfunction, including inadequate brake adjustments and worn tires.

Trucking Accident Cases

Due to the sheer size of the vehicles, trucking accidents often cause serious injuries and even fatalities on the part of the driver and passengers of the smaller vehicle.While liability may seem clear enough, given the difference in size between a truck and a car, things are not that simple in reality. Certain situations may clear a truck driver of responsibility, such as a slippery road which caused the truck to jackknife.

Another common concern in truck accident cases is identifying who to hold liable. As trucks are often part of a commercial operation, other individuals and entities may also share the responsibility with the driver. They include the trucking company, or perhaps, the shipper who hired the trucking service.


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