Liability Issues on Another Person’s Property

Many Los Angeles-area residents hear stories about lawsuits that arise because of injuries suffered on someone else’s property. Although people often debate whether there is any merit to these cases, they raise some interesting issues. Everyone who spends time on property belonging to another should keep these issues in mind.

Common Injuries That May Happen

One of the vital things for people to remember is that liability problems occur in both business and residential settings. Slip-and-fall injuries, defective sidewalks, poorly-lit or obstructed staircases, and dog bites are just a few of the injuries that could happen.

Special Considerations in any Commercial Setting

Spills that don’t get cleaned up right away pose slip hazards. Stockers might also be careless about where they put boxes while restocking shelves. Customers who have fallen or otherwise become injured may want to take note of how easily the conditions that led to their injury may have been prevented.

Information You Should Keep

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, it helps to keep certain types of information handy. Be sure to retain your copy of any incident report that the business provided. Get contact information from witnesses who saw what happened. Most importantly, keep all your medical records related to the incident.


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