Seeking Legal Protection ASfter a Truck Accident

Being the victim of a truck accident can be very trying. In addition to the emotional trauma and physical injuries that the accident brings, there is the financial loss connected to lost wages, damaged vehicles, and medical expenses. The process of collecting damages from the individual or individuals who are at fault can also be a challenge. For this reason, many victims opt to work with a truck accident attorney to help them through this process. Truck accident attorneys have the experience needed to navigate the obstacles that will be put up by both the trucking company and their insurance company.

In the vast majority of cases, trucking accident claims are not filed against the actual truck driver, but instead, against the company that owns the truck. This is to the benefit of the victim because most trucking companies are insured for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars; whereas an individual driver may not have the insurance necessary to cover all of the victim’s damages and injuries.

With truck accidents, it is not uncommon for the driver and the employer to deny liability for the crash. The trucking company’s insurance company is usually on the scene immediately and will begin to investigate the accident with the goal of putting blame on the victim. A truck accident attorney will work with the victim to perform an investigation that will collect information favorable to the victim.


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