Construction Site Dangers and Workplace Safety

Construction sites are among the most dangerous work environments. There are more than eight million worksites in the United States and approximately 130 million workers. Construction site hazards contribute to many injuries that occur every year. Many accidents are the result of workers being exposed to power lines and falling from high places while standing on stairs, ladders and roofs. Some workers have been crushed by heavy construction equipment falling on them. 

Safety of Workplace Environments
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for administering and enforcing safety regulations, called (OSHA Standards). Employers must adhere to these standards to promote the safety of workplace environments. When handling equipment, construction workers are required to wear safety gear and also abide by OSHA regulations. The agency has 2,200 inspectors who visit facilities to ensure companies are in compliant with the OSHA standards and investigate accidents.

Statistics on Workplace Injuries
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration has reported 4,679 worksite fatalities in 2014. 17 percent of all fatal work injuries were contractors, and on average, one in five of the fatal injuries occurred on construction sites. Many of these injuries were caused by companies that did not comply with OSHA regulations. According to OSHA, the Fatal Four construction accidents were falls, electrocutions, struck by objects and caught in between equipment. In 2014, the top three cited violations were the Fall Protection, Toxic and Hazardous Substances and Scaffolding standards.

If you are a construction site worker, you’ve been trained to follow procedures when working in hazardous environments. However, in many construction site injury cases, the employer was responsible for workplace injuries. If you believe that your injury was caused by your employer’s noncompliance with OSHA regulations, a construction accident attorney may be able to help you build a solid case and seek compensation for your injuries.


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