How Injuries Can Cause a Financial Ripple Effect

When you’re involved in an accident, the financial repercussions can be devastating. More than just medical bills will need to be addressed. If the injury prevents you from working, paying living expenses may be more difficult than what you may expect. Sometimes, legal assistance is the only way to make sure you don’t become financially devastated because of the negligence of others.

Insurance Only Covers So Much

Insurance carriers don’t all have the same coverage types and options. Some may require co-pays, deductibles and other fees before paying medical bills. This doesn’t include the costs for return visits to the hospital or charges accrued during physical therapy. In some cases, an attorney is needed in order to receive payments from the insurance provider.

Costs of Living

The inability to work can greatly impact your cost of living. Instead of relying on a steady paycheck to cover the bills, you could wind up going deep into debt due to a lack of sufficient funds. Not all insurance providers will cover the costs of living such as the phone bill, rent or Internet access. If you’re not injured on the job, worker’s compensation won’t be available to help with these expenses.

Legal representation after an injury can help pay some of the bills before your credit takes a hit. Not everyone will take responsibility for their actions and try to leave you holding the bag. Make sure you have an attorney at the ready when someone’s actions cause you to visit the emergency room.


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