The Devastating Effects of a Trucking Accident

Getting in an automobile accident of any type is horrible. However, when a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident that includes a tractor-trailer or some other large commercial vehicle, the repercussions are devastating.

The size and weight of large trucks add to how easy it is for them to lose control and make them deadly in automobile crashes. Even if a truck accident does not end in a fatality, it will cause excessive damage to an automobile, and it could hurt the driver and passengers. The injuries received can stem from broken bones to brain injuries to severed limbs.

When a person is a victim of a trucking accident, they not only have to deal with the mental anguish, emotional distress, and physical injuries that result from the accident, but they also have to worry about medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the expense and time used for rehabilitation. For this reason, many people who have been involved in trucking accidents choose to enlist the assistance of a trucking accident attorney to help them receive the compensation they deserve.

Trucking accident lawyers are not only familiar with the laws of the road that everyone has to adhere to, but they also understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that specifically regulate all aspects of trucking. This includes things like necessary documentation, proper licensing, how many hours truckers can work every day, size they can carry in their trucks, what routes they can take, and how much insurance they should carry. This information is invaluable when filing a claim in a trucking accident.


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