Understanding the Value of Your Claim

Being the victim of an accident that results from the negligence of another person is a traumatizing thing. It often results in a person needing medical treatment, suffering disabilities, losing time from work, and dealing with emotional and mental distress. There are financial burdens that accompany the physical injuries a person receives during an accident. Victims in Los Angeles may wonder whether or not they should hire a personal injury attorney to help them recoup money they lost.

Accident victims should speak to a personal injury attorney because a personal injury attorney knows how much their claim is worth. Most people have no idea how much money they should ask an insurance company for after they receive an injury. There are personal injury calculators on the Internet that are supposed to provide victims with an estimate of what their final settlement value should be, but these never provide an accurate picture.

An accurate insurance settlement estimate is more than just putting figures into a program and getting a number. It requires accurate data about your particular injuries. Medical records, lost wages, and expenses associated with the injury are just part of what needs to be factored in. A personal injury attorney can sit with their clients and discuss things that are difficult to quantify, such as pain, suffering, future damage and financial loss that is associated with their client’s specific injury.

Personal injury attorneys understand how to interact with insurance companies and how to negotiate the best outcome for their clients. When a person tries to go at it alone, the best they can do is guess as to what their injuries are worth, and they may end up costing themselves money in the long run.


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