Preparing for a Personal Injury Consultation

If you’re planning to hire a personal injury attorney, prepare to provide him with as much information as you possibly can about your injury and the circumstances that caused it. The more information he has, the better he’ll be able to help you with your case. There are many things that you should bring to your initial consultation.

Contact Information

Your lawyer will need contact information from everyone involved in your injury. Depending on where you were injured, he will need the name of your employer, any witnesses, the ambulance company who transported you, the police officer who took the report and any doctors who treated you. Anyone and everyone who was involved with your accident before, during or after it’s occurrence may need to be contacted.

Your Paperwork

Bring your attorney every scrap of paper you have regarding your accident. He will need copies of witness statements, physician reports and accident reports. He will also need your insurance information and copies of any medical bills you’ve received. Remember to include x-rays, medical records and any insurance company correspondence. Records of hospital visits and admissions will also be required if applicable.

Documentation of Lost Work

If you’ve missed work because of your injuries, get a report from your employer stating the time you missed. If you can’t get one or still haven’t been back to work, write down the dates you were absent and be thorough. Your lawyer may be able to get you compensation for lost wages, but not if there is no record of the days you missed.


Take receipts to your lawyer for anything that you’ve been forced to purchase as a result of your injury. Whether you needed a supply of bandages for continued wound dressing or a special pillow to help you sit comfortably, document it all and save the receipts for reimbursement.


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