Most Common Personal Injury Claims

The United States has become a particularly litigious society, and one of the most common cases brought before a judge is the personal injury claim. While not all cases will go to court, everyone should understand some of the most common personal injury claims as well as a few signs they are in need of legal representation.

Traffic Accidents
On average, around six million auto accidents occur every year, and a collision can easily result in a personal injury case. These accidents remain the number one reason for personal injury claims in the United States.

Work-Related Injuries
Work-related injuries typically involve repetitive movements such as back problems from lifting, neck problems from leaning forward, and carpal tunnel syndrome from typing. It is an unfortunate fact that countless injuries go unreported every single year due to employees fearing that they will be fired.

Slip and Fall Claims
One of the reasons that slip and fall claims have made this list is because these accidents can happen practically anywhere. This type of claim is often very difficult to prove because they involve a number of unique factors such as negligence from the property owner, unusual premises liability laws, and partial fault on the victim’s side.

Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice can be difficult to prove as well because patients assume some level of risk when they seek out help from a medical professional. The victim and their legal representative must prove that the medical professional or their employer was acting in a negligent manner.


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