Understanding What Brain Injury Is All About

Brain injury is considered to be one of the most complicated cases of personal injury. For one, the result of the injury might not be that obvious immediately. In some cases, the impact of the injury could be long-term, which would mean lifetime of medication and care.

Levels of Brain Injury

When reviewing how much compensation to ask for, one of the things that a brain injury attorney would look into is the level of brain injury. Generally, there are three levels of brain injury:

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

In a mild traumatic brain injury, loss of consciousness may or may not occur. If it does, it typically lasts for a few seconds only. At most, the patient would appear dazed and confused. A concussion may also be observed.

Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury

Moderate traumatic brain injury typically occurs when the head is shaken or when a person receives a blow to the head. In most cases, patients who have moderate traumatic brain injury lose consciousness for a few minutes to a few hours. As opposed to Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, the confusion and dazed feeling of the victim lasts for more than a few days. There are also significant changes in personality and behavior that may or may not last for more than a few days. Lifelong impairment may happen in some cases.

Severe Brain Injury

If the victim has received a devastating blow to the head, the person would most likely suffer a severe brain injury. This kind of injury can either be closed or open, and is almost certainly either long-term or life-threatening. In a severe brain injury, the possibility of the victim returning to pre-injury state might be very low even after years of rehabilitation and treatment.



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