Who’s At Fault After a Truck Accident?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s most recent report shows that nearly 100,000 people were injured in truck accidents in 2013 alone. Truck accidents are especially dangerous for motorists because of the sheer size of these vehicles, but they can also present unique complications for those seeking to attain injury compensation in their aftermath.

Finding fault after a truck accident

Liability after a truck accident can be shared by both the driver and his or her parent company. Commercial transportation companies are required to adhere to certain federal regulations with respect to the maintenance of their vehicles and conduct of their drivers. Failure to comply with required regulations open them up to liability in the event of a crash.

Investigations into truck accidents often delve deep into the practices of the company and actions of the individual driver in order to find evidence necessary for making an accurate liability determination. Some companies will inevitably reject to this form of investigation into their internal policies. In these cases, litigation may be necessary to compel them to divulge information that’s necessary for substantiating a plaintiff’s claims.

Look for legal assistance

Given all of the complexities involved in truck accident scenarios, it’s often necessary to secure legal representation to aid with them. An attorney may work with investigators and other experts to learn as much about the accident’s causes as possible and develop a strong case for financial restitution on behalf of an injured plaintiff.


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