Understanding the Work of a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

The most common images that comes to mind when one mentions, “Personal injury” would usually be of badly hurt people involved in car accidents. Personal injury in legal terms, however, is more than just car accidents. In fact, it could come in the form of slip-and-fall accidents, sexual abuse, dog or animal bites, and even medical accidents.

The Components of Personal Injury

In most cases, a personal injury attorney will look for negligence to determine if a case for personal injury exists. In Los Angeles, negligence is proven by showing that the other party had the ability to prevent injury from happening but did not exert his or her full effort in order to discharge such responsibility. On your part, you need to show that there is a direct connection between the what the other party is supposed to do and your own injuries. You would also need to show that the injury has caused damages or financial loss on your part.


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