How to Handle a Slip and Fall

Slip and falls happen for many reasons, whether it was because of slippery or uneven surfaces. These accidents are serious, and according to research, 20-30% of people suffer some type of moderate injury from them. In order to deal with one of these accidents, as the victim, there are certain things you should be aware of.

Who’s at Fault?

You should start by considering who’s at fault. There are times when accidents like these happen without warning and randomly, with no one really at fault. Then, there are times when the property owner could be held accountable. There might have been a slippery area that wasn’t marked off properly, or there might have been cords or objects in the walkway.

In order for you to have a case against the property manager, you shouldn’t have been doing any activities that could have resulted in the injury. Texting while walking, for example, can show that the injury occurred because of your carelessness.

Legal Help

Because these cases often involve a lot of red tape and terminology you may have never heard of before, it’s always a good idea to talk with an experienced attorney. They can look at your case and know right away if you have a viable claim, so your time and money are not wasted. They obtain all the proper evidence, showing that the property was not safe and that the owner is liable for the accident.

As soon as you get injured because of a slip and fall, do some research to see what legal options you have. You may be entitled to some compensation, helping you pay for medical bills or lost wages.


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