Following Up After Being Diagnosed with TBI

Working in the construction industry could leave you susceptible to a traumatic brain injury, which is a blow, bump or other head injury that causes damage to the brain. Handle this injury quickly, before it affects the quality of your life.

Stay Aware of the Long-Term Consequences

Let’s face it. Suffering from a traumatic brain injury can change your life, and not for the better. You may not be able to perform normal functions and may have trouble regulating your emotions. It is really problematic, though, when you experience memory and cognitive complications.

During this time, appoint someone to help with daily tasks. They can remind you about things and make sure you don’t do anything irrational. As for depression or anxiety, have a good support system. It’s important to surround yourself who people who truly care about your well being. They can offer advice, help you stay physically fit, and keep you socializing so your brain stays mentally fit.

Talk with a Lawyer

Once you’ve managed your symptoms and are on a better path, start thinking about your legal options. Your brain injury may not have been your fault, in which case, you should talk with a lawyer about the next steps to take. It may be to work with your insurance company, file paperwork with worker’s compensation, or sue because of negligence.

If suing is the route taken, your attorney collects factual evidence to prove your condition is real. This is done with medical reports and tests compiled by your doctor. The whole idea is to build a case that shows your injury occurred because of someone’s negligence. It may have been a third party or the construction company you work for.

Traumatic brain injuries should never be taken lightly. The sooner you deal with them medically and legally, the sooner you can go back to your normal routine.


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