Common Construction Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Whether it is commercial or residential construction, these environments tend to be dangerous. In order to avoid being just another statistic, there are certain precautions you can take.

Trips and Falls

A lot of accidents in this industry involve tripping and falling. Obstacles and slippery surfaces are usually the culprit. These injuries can be avoided with simple housekeeping. Make sure materials and equipment are put up after every job.

Also, designate a place for waste so that walkways don’t become slippery. For areas that are already wet, place temporary covers over them.  If you are using equipment with cords, make sure the cords are secured high up so workers are not prone to tripping over them.


Exhaustion is another factor that can lead to all sorts of problems, such as hitting objects or people while driving heavy machinery. To combat exhaustion, try to get at least eight hours of sleep before each work day. Drink plenty of water and take breaks regularly in an area that’s out of the sun.


If your construction injury was caused by negligence, where your employer didn’t follow OSHA guidelines, you may be entitled to compensation. An attorney can help you weigh your legal options, and come up with evidence to prove that your employer was liable for the injury taking place. They may not have provided the right safety equipment or may have created an unsafe working environment.

Construction injuries affect many aspects of your life. Do your best to avoid them by following safety guidelines, and take legal action when it’s necessary.


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