Tips When Driving Near Semi-Trucks

Accidents involving semi-trucks are some of the worst that can happen on the road. Prepare yourself for these incidents before they ever occur by taking certain precautions.

Drive Safely

The best way to deal with these accidents is to avoid them in the first place. But how can you do this given how large and intimidating semi-trucks can be? Your first priority should be to stay out of blind spots. Avoid these areas by either driving a safe distance behind or in front of the trucker.

As you try to pass, do so quickly because you never know if the truck driver can see you. Since these trucks are so large, you need to anticipate their wide turns as well. The trick is to be as patient as possible whenever you are near a semi-truck.

Use Dashboard Cameras

No matter how good you drive, sometimes, truck accidents happen anyway and without warning. That’s why it helps to have dashboard cameras in your car, as they catch every detail of the accident. You then have proof if the trucker is responsible for the accident. Everything is documented by these cameras, including time and date.

Pictures say a thousand words, but imagine the results you get with actual video evidence of the accident unfolding. Your personal injury attorney won’t have trouble coming up with a strong case.

Understand the inherent risks of driving near a semi-truck and be prepared for them. Then, the roadways can be a less stressful place to be.


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