The Red Flags of the Cancer Drug Taxotere

Chemotherapy is difficult for many because of the varied medications and treatments that are used. Adding to these complications is the fact that some drugs, like Taxotere, have some unwanted side effects that could be permanent.

Why Taxotere is a Problem

When it first hit the market, Taxotere was championed as a superior alternative to other toxane-based cancer drugs, with hair loss just being a temporary side-effect. Yet, according to more and more users, this drug is causing permanent hair loss. Some users are going as far to say that the manufacturers attempted to hide this side-effect by not issuing warnings in the United States, in an attempt to make a greater profit.

Legal Action

If you believe your permanent hair loss resulted because of the cancer drug Taxotere, you may have some legal options. Talk with an attorney who specializes in this type of medical law. More specially, find a lawyer that has a history of dealing with cases involving cancer treatment.

They have in-depth knowledge and know how to prove the manufacturer, or doctor who prescribed the medication, was being negligent. This is important because it improves your odds of winning the case and receiving financial compensation for everything you were put through. Working with other lawyers, your attorney can reach a settlement as quickly as possible. You don’t have to fill out any paperwork, as well.

As a cancer patient, the last thing you expect when taking medication is for permanent damage to be done. It can happen, though, and your best response is to hire an attorney to look over your case. They’ll ensure justice is served and that negligent behavior won’t continue to persist.


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