How to Handle Airbag Recalls

After going through several cars in your lifetime, you may encounter one that will need a recall. Airbag recalls are particularly important to deal with, as they can cause all sorts of damage, even death, if the right steps are not taken.

Stay Alert

The National Highway Traffic Safety Admission is responsible for listing all the cars being recalled. Check their site to see if your vehicle model is on the list. Simply enter your vehicle’s VIN number. It is important to do this as often as possible, because sometimes recall notices get lost in the mail.

Have Airbags Replaced

If your vehicle is on the recall list, contact a dealership that sells the model of your vehicle. You should note that the time it takes to replace your airbag varies depending on the state you live, because dealerships have to prioritize which cars should have airbags replaced first. States with high humidity, for example, may be at the top of the list because the chemical used to inflate airbags can be altered by high humidity.

Hire an Attorney

If you were injured because of airbag malfunction and manufacturers didn’t send out a recall, you should contact an attorney. They’ll compile evidence showing that the manufacturer’s negligence caused your accident. They can help you receive compensation and also ensure other drivers don’t fall victim to the same injury.

Airbags are supposed to be safety buffers in the event of an accident, yet many of them are defective. Make sure your airbags are working properly by staying up to date on all recalls, and seek legal action if the airbag manufacturer failed to send out warnings.


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