Why Do Commercial Trucking Accidents Occur?

The truck driving industry has been responsible for a lot of wrecks, making it scary to be on the road when they are around. Here are some reasons why this industry is becoming increasingly more dangerous.

Driver Fatigue

Commercial truck drivers are in the business of delivering goods and products on time. They are sometimes even compensated for early arrivals, which at the surface, seems great. Unfortunately, tight deadlines can push truck drivers to their limits, often causing them to drive when they are fatigued. After being up long hours, their senses are not as sharp. Their reactions may be delayed and they might not be capable of making aggressive maneuvers to avoid accidents.

Faulty Parts

Some trucks, unfortunately, are also sent out on the highways when they are not in pristine condition. Parts that tend to be faulty and result in a lot of accidents include underride guards, tires, and fuel systems. Faulty tires are particularly problematic, because they could blow out any time, resulting in drivers losing control and causing a massive pileup.

There are times when these parts just stop functioning normally, and other times when the manufacturer didn’t design them correctly. The latter is considered negligence, something a commercial truck accident attorney can help you sort out. They’ll make sure this third party is reprimanded for their negligence and help you get compensation, if severe injuries or damages result from it.

The road is a risky place at times and sometimes, accidents involving commercial trucks happen. Do your best to avoid them altogether by giving truckers plenty of room, passing on the right side, and avoiding their blind spots.


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