Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case arises when an individual files a suit seeking recompense from the court for the damage or injury they obtained in an accident or any other untoward incident. The key factor in winning a case such as this is the establishment of liability.

It will usually be a they-said-we-said kind of case, with parties usually passing the blame to each other. Of course, nobody wants to be found as the guilty party because they then would be liable for compensation, penalty, and other punishments found fitting for the circumstance.

Types of Cases

There are different types of personal injury cases that can be filed. A formal lawsuit is when the plaintiff files a civil complaint before the court in seeking redress and compensation for an injury or accident. The defendant can be a private individual, a corporate entity, or even the government.

Meanwhile, there is also such a thing as an informal settlement, wherein the case does not even reach court. In this instance, both parties agree to come to the negotiation table so that they can reach an agreement outside of court.

In both types of cases, it is advisable to hire personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. If you decide to file a suit, you will need their legal know-how to present your case before the judge and jury. If you decide to settle outside of court, you equally need their experience and ability to negotiate, ensuring that you are not short-changed on what you justly deserve.


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