How Social Media can Harm You, Explained by a Personal Injury Attorney


In today’s advent of the internet, people often post up-to-the-minute updates of their lives. Everyone seems to know what everybody is up to. This can be beneficial in maintaining close relationships with friends and relatives, though this openness can make it more difficult for your Los Angeles personal injury attorney to gain the compensation you deserve.

Once you are figured into an accident, one of the most important things to do is deactivate your social media accounts or at least restrict your posts on them. Keep in mind that social media postings are public record. Private messages require a warrant to be read, but statuses and posts are all available for the other party to obtain and use against you. Once they get their hands on your social media record, you might be surprised by the story they can perpetrate with such information.

Disproving Your Physical Injury Claim

One way the defense can use your social media posts is to disprove your claim about the severity of injuries you suffered. If you complained about a broken leg or a spinal injury preventing you from enjoying the activities you once loved, avoid posting anything that shows you partaking in these activities. Read more on this article:


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