A Los Angeles Attorney Helps Hospital Injury Claimants Receive Just Compensation

As a patient or healthcare worker, you might have experienced slipping or falling within the hospital’s premises. Though some may be considered as the fault of the patient or worker, others are products of hospital negligence. For instance, a hospital which does not put visible signs for slippery floors, or do not train their employees for occupational safety, despite high slip and fall rates, can be responsible for these accidents.

If you get yourself hurt from a slip or fall and believe that the hospital has been negligent in preventing and addressing it, seeking the help of a Los Angeles attorney can help you get proper compensation.

Falls among Adult Patients in U.S. Hospitals

Hospitalized patients may experience falls that lead to serious health consequences. Accidental falls are most common in hospitals, which increase stay by 2%. In addition, falls in U.S. hospitals have rates of 3.3 to 11.5 incidences for every 1,000 patient days. These fall rates may differ, according to unit type. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2kSYnDh


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